Tribute for James Cone

James Cone, however, made it possible for me to be both unequivocally black and Christian, unequivocally black and an academic. More than that, Cone demanded that my blackness inform my spiritual and vocational life in order for me to live in my full God-given humanity as a beloved child of God. This is a message that everyone in this country needs to hear, but especially young black folk…

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“If the Church is to remain faithful to its Lord, it must make a decisive break with the structure of this society by launching a vehement attack on the evils of racism in all forms. [Read more…] It must become prophetic, demanding a radical change in the interlocking structures of this society. Of course the Church must realize, in view of the Christian doctrine of man, that this is a dangerous task. But obedience to Christ is always costly. The time has come for the Church to challenge the power structure with the power of the gospel, knowing that nothing less than immediate and total emancipation of all people is consistent with the message and style of Jesus Christ. The Church cannot afford to deplore the means that oppressed people use the chains of slavery because such language not only clouds the issue but also gives comfort and assistance to the oppressor.”

Black Theology and Black Power

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Martin and the Message of Life

Written by Mike Higgins and Michelle Higgins As I think about the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I feel tired and challenged. Tired of being the subject matter and expert on all things Black. And at the same time challenged to keep assisting those who say they really […]

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