Studying St. Louis

Resources Specific to Racial Equity in the St. Louis Region

Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership and Awakening Community, Leah Gunning Francis

Forward Through Ferguson: A Path Toward Racial Equity  // The All-Important Report of the Ferguson Commission

A quick overview/cheat sheet for the Ferguson Commission report

2017 Mayoral Candidate Tishaura Jones exposes thinly veiled supremacist attitudes in St. Louis in this Washington Post Analysis .

It is legal in Missouri for state residents to carry concealed weapons in public without a state gun permit, criminal background check or firearms training.

Horrific news on the School to Prison Pipeline in St. Louis,

“Suspended” poem by a young student in St. Louis,

Helpful information on the School to Prison Pipeline in STL and Missouri

St. Louis needs a new paradigm for public safety

Documents and data reports on a variety of community issues that we often take too little time to research

The Delmar Divide

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

Spanish Lake: Race, Class, and White Flight in Missouri

Racial Terror in East St. Louis, July 2nd 1917

Organizations and Initiatives

Metropolitan Congregations United

Freedom Arts and Education

ArchCity Defenders

Deaconess Foundation

For the Sake of All

Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression

Hands Up United

Missouri Jobs with Justice

Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates

Decarcerate St. Louis

The Organization for Black Struggle

Justice for Reggie Clemons

The St. Louis American – Newspaper